We successfully implemented IPV6 at network level, in the upcoming weeks we will make the modification and testing in the provisioning system and launch IPV6 services for our clients.   Stay tuned for more to come HOST-C Team. En savoir plus »

24 sept 2023
Debian Image Repository Update

We have added Debian 12 to our image repository.

29 juil 2023

Alma Linux 8 and 9 Template and ISO Image has been added.

Fedora 38 Template and ISO image has been added.


More to come soon........

25 avril 2023
TAX/VAT Update

We have a great news, today, at about 10:35 Bulgarian time, we received the written confirmation from the Bulgarian Fiscal Authorities that we are not obligated to charge TAX/VAT for sales outside EU for individuals and companies.As of today, we will modify prices on our website and ongoing subscriptions. All customers that have played the ... En savoir plus »

24 avril 2023
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